Dothar ordered ALL his followers away, saying he needed time to think. They should gather provisions and a detachment of them should venture north(? - whatever direction their area borders the reaches of Zoria and could explore farther without angering Darien).

When he was sure he was alone... he cried. The tears didn't come, lacking enough humanity to properly weep. The few traces of it that remained were just enough for him to grieve the loss of his humanity. He realized then he'd actually been looking forward to being human again.

~ ~ ~

Mantis was across the room, between the demon spawn and Elizabeth in a flash, sword already drawn to protect her. "Foul creature! While your powers may allow you to appear as such, you will act with more propriety in the kingdom of Zoria! For if not, you will taste my steel as it removes your head from your shoulders. What do you want here?"

~ ~ ~

"First we need to get an idea of what Darien's plans are not only for the two of you but in general. From there, we get you out of here. I know Unlia is your home but you've not seen what it has become. Is it still your desire to return there?" Nirick asked.

~ ~ ~

Ivar, his hordes, Greymane and his men, and Brianne and her small group of followers made haste back to her village. What happened next could not be called a battle for there was no fighting. There was only dying. Brianne was pleased to see Greymane in action and in his transformed form, she found the animal in her desiring him even more. More than anything she was equally delighted and relieved to see the restrain Ivar and the Unlian seemed to have. The were effective but were more like axes than arrows - targets were taken down with precision, directly, versus a volley that might wreak havoc and death on innocent bystanders.

It was over before an alarm could be raised.

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