Breaking point

(North leads up the mountains, past the mountains is the Wild Flare Plains, homeland of the Orcs.)
Vengeance was the first to act, he already grabbed the steel blade and snapped it in half. He slammed it in the stone floor, Elizabeth stepped back in fear. Lucien put his hand on Vengeance's chest, "Calm down, you know steel is nothing to fear." Lucien gently pushed Mantis's blade down,"It's rude to point a blade at a guest is it not?" Elizabeth realized Lucien didn't seem threatened at all. "Lord Mantis, he isn't here for violence." Lucien smiled at her, "You can read people very well, impressive." Elizabeth gave a nod at him, "Yes Lucien, posture is something I was taught." Lucien gave a soft laugh, "As expected, now tell me, where is your king?"
Mary looked at Nirick, "Unlia is still my home, my family might be monsters to people but they are still my family to me. I will never lose my love for my family, even in death." She looked at the window, "Did it just get colder?"
Ivar finished slaying the last barbarian of the wolf. Greymane had transformed back and was caring for the survivors, the Unlia soldiers were giving supplies to those in need. Greymane walked over to Brianne, "They're your people, Ivar thinks it's best if you speak with them." Ivar himself was cleaning his blade, people watched him in fear.
As Thurnden worked to see what the illness was that affected the elf, an old woman knocked on his door. However this wasn't a normal old woman, but rather Shadiana disguised, waiting to be let in side.
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