New plans

Dothar thought through his options. He decided to head north. Maybe the orcs there would be more obliging and valuable allies.

~ ~ ~

"You were not invited, so you are no guest," Mantis replied, keeping up his disgust. "And you will not see my king unless he wills it." And knowing this may be the death of him but consumed by a rage he'd never experienced before, he evaporated to right behind Vengeance and pulled a tiny blade from his sleeve. While small, this blade was blessed with holy magic and it glowed white.

"While it might not be enough to kill you," he said pressing it to Vengeance's throat, "it will be enough to banish you from this castle for a fortnight from the pain you'll endure. Now, state your business or I welcome my own death!"

(Was thinking it's enough to give them pause and not kill him in retaliation out of his courage and Vengeance or Lucien's respect for that)

~ ~ ~

"My people," Brianne called after nodding in agreement and stepping forward, "this is Ivar, king of Unlia. We share a common enemy and he has agreed to help us. King Darien of Zoria wants to rule the whole of the realm and destroy everyone and everything in his way. King Ivar desires peace. He is not here as an adversary but an ally. Together, we will stop King Darien and The Black Wolf too!"

Much to her dismay, only a few seemed excited by this.

Many seemed uncertain.

About a fourth of the villagers shouted in rebuke, claiming the Black Wolf their rightful leader. About 40-50 villagers looked like they may turn their arms on Brianne and her new allies.

(Used a random number generator to determine this. Sorry I didn't reply sooner - thought I'd hit SUBMIT on this and hadn't.)

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