Smell of Brimstone

Lucien put his hands up, "Now Now, I was indeed invited her, by the royal family of Coldston. Now if I was you, I would lower the blade." The voice in Mantis's head panicked, "Don't enrage him, don't do it! With you dead, then the kingdom is lost!"
Vengeance gave a chuckle, "I can sense your rage, mind explaining why so angry?" Elizabeth looked for a way to sneak away.
Ivar was the first to act, "Kneel." The first people to look into his eyes did so with blank stares. Many others panicked, stepping away, however his soldiers surrounded them. "Now listen to me carefully, if you would serve a beast so be it, my warriors feed on the living, it would he shameful if I was forced to kill you just because of you ignorance. If blood must be split so be it, but unlike this Black Wolf, I do not ask for control, only peace. Now, I shall ask you, what do you choose, being puppets or having freedom?" He realised the ones kneeling before him, fear in their eyes.
Shadiana finish examining the elf, "She will recover in time. She has only lost blood and is a thrall of Vampeer, my nephew. It seems that he hasn't commanded her yet. By the look of this bite, she will recover by the new new moon." She looked at Thurnden, "As for you my child, be wary of Mantis, a voice of evil has him within its grip. It would be wise to prepare for combat. Now, as you know 350 years ago, Utopia fell. Since it fell the land has been dying, the reason for this is because the land wasn't ready for the massive growth of magic. The age of peace is over, and the Age of War is upon us. How long will it be? I have no idea, I do know however that darkness will consume Xierheart."

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