Calming breaths

Mantis was the sort of person to be filled with rage. Being called out on it struck him. "I... I don't know. It's like, like something else is making me angry. Something I have no control over. I just keep hearing a voice in my head saying the kingdom needs me... need me to rule."

Mantis would have looked embarrassed, if that was possible, instead he just looked lost in his own words.

~ ~ ~

At Ivar's words, around 400 villagers took a knee.

Out of the 100 or so who hadn't knelt, an ax came flying. Ivar easily side-stepped it and it struck one of his men behind him, killing him. Ivar was across the expanse in a blink of an eye and had a single man subdued. Interestingly, he didn't kill him immediately. Instead, he looked back from where he'd been, where Brianne stood near him.

"Kill him... quickly, but still make his death useful," Brianne replied coldly.

Ivar grinned and snapped his next and tossed him back to his men who devoured him hungrily. Ivar did something surprising next...

(I'll leave this to you.)

~ ~ ~

Dothar made sure a trusted demon was ready to deliver the weekly chest of gold and he left clear instruction that no one was to do anything but continue with improving the fortifications and gathering resources in his absence. Much to everyone's surprise, he went alone... north.

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