Shadiana finish examining the elf, "She will recover in time. She has only lost blood and is a thrall of Vampeer, my nephew. It seems that he hasn't commanded her yet. By the look of this bite, she will recover by the new new moon." She looked at Thurnden, "As for you my child, be wary of Mantis, a voice of evil has him within its grip. It would be wise to prepare for combat. Now, as you know 350 years ago, Utopia fell. Since it fell the land has been dying, the reason for this is because the land wasn't ready for the massive growth of magic. The age of peace is over, and the Age of War is upon us. How long will it be? I have no idea, I do know however that darkness will consume Xierheart."

Thurnden sighed some relief for the woman. But the words about war weighed heavy on him. "The village folk can use a bows and clubs.. But my walls don't have men...," he said. He knew that a well prepared mage could hold off a regular army. It would mean crafting items, magic items. Traps, weapons, spells, potions of different types.

He could raise and army of undead and attack, or make golims from the hills around the valleys. But magic had a cost to it. Anything he did would cost him something.

"The old books might hold some secrets that could be learned," he said

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