Death's door

Lucien sighed, "You will rule, but not yet elf. Let Vengeance go and allow me to see your king." Elizabeth slowly walked back slowly, trying to use the commotion to sneak away, to find her sister and leave. However that was cut short when she bumped into a young man behind her, however it was really Vampeer in disguise. "Am I interrupting something here?" He spoke loudly to silence the demon king and his general.
Ivar lifted his hand as the blood of those who would fight him flown out of their mouths, draining them of half their blood, Ivar guided the blood to himself before having his sword absorb it. The men collapsed. "I tried showing mercy, maybe in death you will be more assisting." He turned his back on the men for them to be devoured by his horde.
Shadiana shook her head, "You will not be fighting, you and the villagers will go south, there you will find a forest, you will stay in the forest while the war wages, I will come to you with the Goddess of death Helna."
The orcs resided in the plains, hunting large animals, making large camps and being a nomad race, dueling other tribes for fun, but keeping peace among themselves.
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