Tired of waiting

Mantis was tired of waiting and it'd only been days since he decided he should be king. He heard the man interject and by his garb he had no place interjecting.

Am I interrupting something here?

"Yes, you are. If you didn't know, I am Mantis, Captain of the Palace Guard and you might be?"

He noticed Elizabeth attempting to sneak away now and let go of the demon and placed himself between this unknown man and Elizabeth.

~ ~ ~

"What say the rest of you?" Brianne called. "Do not swear allegiance out of fear, but a desire to see the right thing done. Anyone who would go in peace, do so, have all you can carry and your share of the communal value of the tribe." A third stood or moved carefully toward their homes, looking over their shoulders all the while.

Brianne walked over to Ivar and whispered. "It would be fine with me if you see to anyone who leaves demise but see them removed entirely, no trace to remain or be questioned of. Use them as feed if you wish. They are not my people anymore."

~ ~ ~

Dothar kept walking. He wondered when he would find these Orcs he'd heard of.

~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~

Annalise was a little tipsier than Nirick would have liked, but it'd been a grueling few days so he hoped she was just blowing off steam. She was randier than usual when drinking so he didn't mind that at all. She was off coaxing a servant girl sit and drink with her.

Malina seemed in her own world, reading a book she found.

Mary was seated by a window, staring out across the plains. "Unlia... seems so very far away but I know firsthand your father has other allies here already," Nirick said, taking a seat next to her and offering her a glass of wine.

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