Vampeer gave a bow, "I apologize, my name is Lilcth Vamporus. I came here to assist the king, by my friend Nirick. I can see you have a....demonic problem."
Elizabeth looked at Mantis then Lucien, and finally at "Lilcth". Lucien gave an amused smile, he knew who the man was right away, but he didn't say anything, Vengeance was about to speak but was silenced by his lord. "This commotion is getting a bit much don't you think?" Vampeer sighed, "I don't think Darien is ready to see anyone by how Lord Mantis is a-" Darien's voice boomed, "If I am needed so be it." Darien walked from behind "Lilcth". He looked at the man, "Lilcth was it? Could you step outside for a moment, with Princess Elizabeth?" The man gave a nod, "I live to serve, my king." He gave a bow and looked at her, "Come with me my lady." The two of them left the library leaving Darien and Mantis with the demons.
"So, what do you want demon?" Lucien gave him a smile, "I want to help you, my dear king."
Ivar gave a nod, "A fate worst then death is being a undead thrall, trust me." He ordered his men to make quick work of their meals, Ivar looked up at the sky, "An Empire of Night, that's what my god told me would come."
Greymane sat down, "And I thought the stories of the Godslayer War was bad, Ivar and his horde are much more terrifying than the Mortal Gods." He looked at Brianne, "Don't you agree?"
Dothar could begin seeing the tents and the large Orcs working together as soon as the Plains truly began. However from the distance he could see something wrong, the stories told that the Orcs were peaceful and the only inhabitants of the plains, but he could see encampments of Elves, who were pushing the Orcs out of their homeland. This could be useful.
Mary looked at Nirick, "It's Vampeer himself, isn't it? I thought this place got colder for a reason." She grumbled, "Gods, darkness, war. Are we in some kind of dark age?"
There was a knock on the door, it was a guard. "Nirick, am I allowed inside, I have a message."

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