Maybe so

Mantis knelt before the king. "M'lord, I'm sorry, if you called for them I was unaware. They appeared and I thought it best to waylay them - even with my death - as they are demons. If you should wish to speak with them, how may I serve?"

His words tasted like rust in his mouth.

~ ~ ~

"Maybe so," Brianne replied, "but have you ever enjoyed the night, all alone, in total darkness, and just felt the breeze speak to you? There is an odd peace in that moment. Some would find it terrifying, I see a path where we can all remain and live of our own volition."

~ ~ ~

Dothar strolled forward and for once was glad his demonic nature was back in place. He could still feel the power within the staff, felt it could enact death and decay, but didn't know if it would still have a price of his own demonic well-being. And right now, all alone, he didn't care.

Within a safe distance, he called ahead, "Hello to camp! I mean no harm. I'm just a traveler from the south come to see these lands, who may be here, and what service we may to each other." He had himself cloaked and appeared as a man of means, dressed in refinement, like an envoy to a lord of some kind.

~ ~ ~

"Dark or not, it's where we are and need to make the most of it," Nirick said, trying to offer a comforting smile. He'd rarely found human women attractive but that fire within her was quite appealing.

Hearing the guard, he came to the middle of the room, hand on his weapon just in case this was a trick. He'd motioned to Malina who remained where she was, but had her crossbow out, ready to fire at the door if needed, hidden behind her book.

"Surely, as a guest of the house and if you be of this one, enter and pass your message," Nirick called.

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