Broken Deals

Darien looked at Mantis, "You can start being of assistance by being silent." He turned back to look at the demon, "What is your offer?" Lucien gave him a smile, "I want to give you the power to defeat the undead. To defeat an immortal you must become one." Darien raised a brow, "What do you mean?" Lucien smiled, "I want to make you into the true Iron King."
Greymane looked at Brianne, "I was raised all my life during the night. The night is peaceful and calming." He smiled at her, "I was curious how you feel about your new curse?" His face became solemn.
The orcs looked at Dothar, their chief walked towards them, a large female covered in battle scars. "Who are you, outsiders aren't welcomed during the time. If you come to take our home or cause trouble, then by my axe you will perish." The other orcs came to see what was going to happen.
Mary closed the book she was reading as the guard walked in, however she stifled a gasped as she noticed he wasn't alive, he had become an undead creature, a ghoul. However with a helmet no one would know. "Lord Nirick, the great Vampeer has introduced himself to Mantis, currently Princess Elizabeth is with Lord Vampeer. Mantis plans on taking the throne of Zoria and plans on taking Elizabeth as his own. Woarst of all, Lucien and his demon servant, Vengeance have met king Darien and are currently trying to strike a deal with him."
Mary looked up terrified, "Did you say Lucien?"

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