Mantis knew he deserved it, but had never been spoken this way to by the king before. It took everything he had to not kill him there. He listened on while the demons spoke of making him immortal.

But if he would be immortal, how can I replace him on the throne?
he thought to himself.

~ ~ ~

"It's growing on me," Brianne replied, looking herself over. "I always felt akin to a fox, I guess I know now why I turned into one. What do you think of me?"

~ ~ ~

"You misunderstand me, and your threats mean nothing," Dothar replied and spun his staff over his head, brought it down between them and cast a ripple through the ground toward the orc chieftess. It was like an ugly, rotting root, and shot forward, and took hold of the orc's leg. The ground around her turned to ash.

One of her men came to her aid and when stepping into the circle, evaporated into ash at once. Dothar strolled forward, feeling different than ever before when using the staff. Now, he felt darker and more out of control with it's use. He stepped into the ashen circle, his guide dissolving when he did and her eyes widening, weakening, staring at him, her leg growing shriveled, her skin turning pale by the second.

"Now, pledge your loyalty to me or perish," Dothar proclaimed.

The orc grunted and groaned but knew she had no other choice.

"I swear my fealty to you," she replied.

"And bind your people to me!" he ordered.

She gasped, looked to her men who were too dumbfounded to reply. She turned to Dothar and sighed. "We are bound to you...m'lord."

Dothar grinned and spun his staff once, bringing it down on her shoulder, like he was knighting her. "Then rise, first of your kind and my right hand," and her skin turned grey and her leg repaired itself. Dothar took his staff, broke off the tip, and crumbled it into his hands. Then he took that and spread it on the orc's face and shoulder. She cringed at it, her skin sizzled like being branded, but only a little.

"Now go... go and recruit those you see fit to join us. And destroy everyone else..."

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