The cries of battle

Darien looked at the demon king, "No, I will not be giving up my humanity. I know how you demons work, you want me to become a machine for you, I will not. Now leave my home." Lucien gave sigh, "So he it, but my offer still stands, just call my name whenever you want to become the true Iron King." Lucien and Vengeance quickly left. Darien turned to Mantis, his eyes cold. "Now, explain yourself, and don't play dumb!" His voice was filled with rage. "I know that look Mantis, you killed him didn't you?"
Greymane looked at her, "I still see you as Brianne, a terrifying but beautiful warrior. The appearance of one, may ot be beast or humanoid, doesn't affect me. That's one good thing I was taught by the Black Wolf." He smiled at her.
The Orc elder step out as soon as he saw Dothar brand the cheifess, raising his staff a bright light struck Dothar the cheifess looked at the elder in shock, "Father, don't-" The elder raised his hand and walked up to Dothar, symbols of Illumina shined on his skin. "You dare enslave my people, brand my daughter demon? I know you, Dothar Mandrake. You were a human, now you are a demon of the Black Burning Hells, bent on decay." The elder's staff glowed light with radiant magic. "In a time of crisis, I will not have you enslave my people, demon." He aimed his staff at Dothar, the cheifess was conflicted on what to do.

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