Mantis was once again taken back by his lord's words. "Killed who, m'lord?"

~ ~ ~

Brianne had heard enough. She pushed Greymane into a nearby hut and began kissing him. It was a mix of kiss and licking, in her form, but she wanted to taste him all the same. She bit down on his ear. "Take me, here and now..."

~ ~ ~

Nirick was off in a flash. He took Mary's hand and took her with him. He motioned for Malina to get Anna and follow. The ghoul led them all to Vampeer and Elizabeth. "Sire," Nirick said, when he saw Vampeer he was able to distinguish him, "what are your orders?"

~ ~ ~

Dothar gripped his staff hard and the life left the chieftess' eyes. "Protect your lord," he ordered and the orc chieftess went after her own father.

(I'll let you decide how that pans out. Do whatever you want to Dothar. Heads up, with the holiday I likely won't be posting again until Monday.)

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