Dancing with the goddesses

Shadiana shook her head, "You will not be fighting, you and the villagers will go south, there you will find a forest, you will stay in the forest while the war wages, I will come to you with the Goddess of death Helna."

Thurnden wanted to protest. There was almost a century of magical and mundane knowledge in the caves and caverns cut into the mountain that was the true Cathedral to the gods. It is what the walls had stood wars and fires. He shuttered to think of all the knowledge, magical and mundane that within the place and how most war parties would just as likely burn it all to keep others from having it. He knew that Mantis would make a play for the throne. He also knew that Mantis would then return here for him. There would be no ignoring the requests to serve him. This place was placed here to serve all people, not one king or another.

Her mention of Helna, the goddess of death, was interesting. Some with the gift have tried to court her influences, to bring a loved ones back to life, to create an undead army, or gain immortality.

"Do you think Enus and Esher might aid us too?" he asked. Esher was the goddess of the planes and the woods and could help cover their tracks so that is would be hard to follow them. Enus was the god of trickery and thieves. He envied one of the clerics of Enus who made him look like a fool with his ability to do "stage magic", slight of hand tricks.

Thurnden knew he needed to protect his little flock and what was really important. It would take time to convince people that they wanted to follow him. He himself would rather spend the time packing and setting traps.

He flicked a wrist and spoke a word and the lanterns in the room started to glow. Then he did it again and spoke a different word and his staff, cloak came to his arm and hand. The young girl's eye grew wide and Thurnden using his magic in front of her. But he paid little attention to that.

He knelt before Shadiana and kissed her hand.
"My lady, I know that it is now time for me to take my leave. I know it will take time to convince the people to follow me south," he said. Most of this generation knew him as an old cleric with weird habits. Unlike their grandparents who had seen more of the power he had thrown about in his younger years.

"I wish to bring some of the items of the library with us, things magical and mundane that would help us. But, you know more what we will need than I," He said this more as a plea than a request. All he really need was his spell books. What he hoped is that she would pick out a chest or two of items and books that he could study and that the people could use.

"May I leave the defense of this place in your care? he asked. Then Thurnden looked up at Shadiana and then to the girl tending to the elf. He said quietly, "She can no longer go home. Is she one of your children or should I find her a young family to be a part of?" He didn't want to tell the girl that her family would probably die before the fighting started and they were too far to send word to them in a reliable way. If she had the magical gift, he could start training her as time allowed. That would be when she got to the point that she no longer hated him for "stealing" her.

(ooc: I am thinking a few small chest of holding, one with food, one with just supplies, and a small one with books. I am picturing him sitting on a chair on a wagon reaching into the small box pulling out a book of children stories to read to a gaggle of children, and pulling out slate boards and chalk to teach them to read all while wondering what the heck was Shadiana thinking! I will post a scene in town trying to get things together there.)

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