Falling apart

Darien pulled out his blade and held it at Mantis, "Baron Der! Don't act foolish Mantis, a darkness is eating you, I can see it. Tell me what makes you act this way. Now." Darien didn't notice as his guards started looking at each other as if the king was going mad.
Greymane looked up at Brianne with amazement. "Are you sure you want this? If you do I won't stop you Brianne." He caressed her face gently.
Vampeer let Elizabeth join her sister, "Nirick we do nothing. Zoria will destroy itself, I can see it. Darien will start losing trust for his allies while Mantis will gain trust with Darien's enemies. A civil war will kill Zoria without our help."
The elder watched as his daughter advanced towards him, however the elder summoned all his energy and casted a bright light. The Orcs looked away as a figure appeared in the light, once the light disappeared, Illumina looked down at Dothar, "That is enough demon, I will not let your corruption spread any longer. Your actions of choas ends, now." The cheifess fell to her feet at the presence of the Goddess. "This is your final warning demon, return to your domain or suffer the consequences."
Shadiana looked at Thurden, "You may take whatever you desire, the village may go with you or stay and suffer the consequences. As for the girl, I'll take her to the Realm of the Fey, my daughters will be more then willing to teach her their ways." Shadiana looked at the elf, "Find her commander and bring her to him."

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