Mantis felt something take over him. Surprisingly, it wasn't rage...

He fell to his knees. "Sire, no, never! You know me... you all know me," he said searching the faces of the guards watching the scene, "I could never, would never do such a thing. My very nature wouldn't allow it. I and my line have served the House of Coldston for generations. You say I'm gripped with something foreign, a madness, but it is you... King Darien who are ill. Please... please let me help you!"

The King looked down at him, rage burned in his eyes, and Mantis knew what he needed to do next...

He screamed, "M'lord, no! Please don't!!!" And he could sense some force pulling the king toward him but instead of evaporating, he allowed the blade to pierce him, ensuring it struck him visibly and true it was painful, but it wouldn't be deadly. "Sire?! WHY??!!"

~ ~ ~

Brianne didn't speak, she just licked up his cheek and bit his ear. Then she nearly tore his trousers off and placed herself in front of him like a she ready to be mounted by a male.

~ ~ ~

"Wonderful," Nirick replied. Now how to make the most of this situation? "Lord Vampeer, is there anything I can do to aid in the process? We want it to appear natural, fluid, and not influenced by outside sources, but that Darien is truly mad and Zoria could only be destined to crumble from within. But how can I aid in it's fall?"

~ ~ ~

Whatever the other demon had done had rid Dothar of only almost all his humanity. He felt a single, whisper of it remain and he fell to his knees. "But I can't! I was once human, one who felt and loved and lost. I tried to rid myself of all humanity, to become an unfeeling monster, and was and with the aid of this staff," he tossing it into the space between them, "that I began to feel it return. And I ended up being overjoyed with that!"

He began to sob, actual tears.

"But then a demon lord forced the humanity out of me. I don't know anything but destruction now. So please... either cure me or kill me now!!!"

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