Thurden greeted the elves preparing the place with and elvish blessing that he remembered from his childhood. They would speak a different dialect but they would "know" him from his accent.

He then woke the people from their sleep. He explained to them who the elves were and what they were doing. His people's reactions were a bit weird and Thurden barely took notice of it, he was an elf with bigger issues on his mind. He looked at his people looking oddly at the elves with horns.
"They think you are strange for not having horns and they think I am an arrogant snobby pompus ass," he said with a bit of anger letting them know that everyone involved was trying to figure this situation out. Thurden could be the snobby pompus ass when it came to some things, magic being one of them. Most of the time he was just an ass, sometimes even a nice guy.

He looked at the Goddess, Helena and said as a questioning statement, "I am sure that I am suppose to learn some things from you." The Goddess of Death and Decay and the Goddess of Magic do not just show up, this would be an epic war and there would be things he need to do. The world would need magic to keep some of these monsters at bay.

He looked at Helena, "Can you tell me of a cure for the blood plague?" He thought it best to start of big before asking about how one might raise an undead army to fight for her.

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