One crazy kiss

As her eyes turned yellow, Thurnden realized that the battle itself started here. She was the keeper of death. So he did the only rational thing. He grabbed the Goddess in an embrace and held her tightly. He kissed her so she could not speak as he drew his magic holding her to him. Death had her power, her magic, and her secrets and she did not share them easily. But as she said, the battle was with death.

Thurnden had long theorized that the power that is over death is love, so he fed the love that he had for the people, his friend Mantis, his parents, his lost love into her through that kiss. He knew that this would cost him, but he did not fear death if it meant that others would be saved. He knew that he and Mantis had dished out death in his younger years with glee as in warriors fighting for a noble cause. Now those deaths seemed pointless. The kings justice was not always just.

He held her in his magic, waiting for her to exhale her breath into him, giving him part of her spirit and power.

He increased the intensity of his magic thinking of the love he had for his main Patron goddess Shadiana. He let the magic flow wild about them, He bid Shadiana’s aid with the holding magic and fed the visions he had over the years, the feel of learning a new spell, the power in creating a magic item. He doubled back on the goddess of death thinking of the babies he had dedicated, the healings that he had done, and images of young love. He fed her every vision of holding death at bay and times when death was healing. He was not afraid of death, not that he wanted to die.

It felt like kissing your older sister to Thurnden, which seemed quite odd when kissing a goddess.

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