Gift from a Goddess

Helena was surprised at first by the kiss, but after feeling, as well as seeing what Thurden was doing, she smiled and breathed out a cold and icy white smoke into Thurden, at first the smoke seemed to burn his insides, to kill him. However his faith, his love slowly turned the icy death into a welcoming cold. Helena looked at Thurden, "You are a bold one Thurden, as well as a brave one. After seeing what you believe in, I have given you the frosted winds of my Realm, Hel. The winds of death flow through you, meaning we can begin your true lesson. That lesson is simple, magic, no matter what kind comes from one thing, it's not desire, not faith, not love, but what your will is. Your spirit and whatever your will I'd about will determine how strong you are in the Magic Ways, and I see what fuels your will is love, a powerful way but it will come at a cost, if you ever lose your will of love, your magic will betray you, if I were you, I wouldn't lose it." She picked up a rabbit, and drained it of its life. She handed it to Thurden, "Now use your magic to bring this rabbit back to life, and remember what I told you." She then walked to the darkness and watched Thurden.
Back at Thurden's old home, Kruell raided the town, slaughtering and pillaging wherever they went. A Kruell larger then the rest watched from afar, one of the Kruell warriors landed from the sky and knelt before him, "We looked everywhere in the town, apparently the Elf has went to the misty forests. What shall we do with the survivors?" The Kruell leader flapped his wings, "Let the Blood Flies feast on their corpses. We must move, for the might of Thurzal." The Kruell nodded before flying back to the others and screeched, "BY THE MIGHT OF THURZAL, KILL THEM ALL!" The Kruell screeched back, "FOR THE MIGHT OF THURZAL!" They then executed all of the remaining villagers.
The Kruell leader looked at the direction of the Misty Forest, "You won't stop my mission Thurden, for I am Jakzin, the Black Feather of Thurzal." Jakzin then summoned a swarm of Blood Flies to feast on the corpses of the villagers, the Kruell cheering and chanting, "ROT, BLIGHT, DEVOUR, DESTROY, FOR THE GREAT JAKZIN, BY THE WILL OF THE PLAGUE GOD, BY THE WILL OF THURZAL!"

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