magical cpr

Thurden held the rabbit and looked at it. He closed his eyes and let the magic build within him. He let it flow over and threw the rabbit and himself. At first he did the obvious thing, he found the rabbit's heart and felt it's quivering. Then he let the magic wrap itself around the heart and forced it to beat. Technically, the rabbit was alive. But it wasn't truly alive.

Thurden sat down in the grass and continued his quest. Next he probed the mind of the rabbit but that offered him little, as he did not think like a rabbit so it made little sense to him.

The third place was more ethereal in his thinking, the soul. Did animals have souls? This had been a debate that had gone on for ages. Even with that no one knew where the soul resided or how it resided in a body. The goddess Helena knew and where it would be found. He had the feeling it would he hard to get that detail from her.

As the rabbit twitched, he pressed harder. As he did the rabbit started to panic and Thurden lost his concentration. A twitching and foaming rabbit was technically living, but it wouldn't be for long. It let out a screech of pain as it was again dying.

This time thought about death and people dying. It was as Helena had said sometimes just a matter of will. With that he pushed his will into the rabbit, willing it to stay alive. Willing it's soul to return to its being.

This required more effort as it was a non generalized force being pushed at the body mind and soul at the same time.

As he concentrated his own heart started to twitch and beat funny with the rabbits, he could feel the fear. Then he pushed harder against those things, those things, and that reality.

Sweat ran down his forehead and his back. He was trying something different with his magic, something that was not in the books in the library. This was old magic, older than mages, older than the elves.

With a grunt of effort Thurden raised the rabbit and his staff. The crystal in his staff glowed a pinkish off white and pulsed like a heart beat. Both he and the rabbit laid in the grass panting and trying to recover.

He had raised a person before, but that was much more pleading with Heliena to give the person's soul back. This was much more an act of brutality like wrapping the creature in a magical plastic bag to keep everything inside.

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