Helena gave an approving nod, "Now, control the rabbit, command it. It has no will to fight against, and you gave it undead life. Only you can command it, no one else." She moved to the shadows, "Use your will, your desires to control it." In the shadows, she had no lips, so no one could tell she was smiling. Shadiana was always happy that mortals learned to use magic ever since it was discovered. Helena knew that magic Thurden felt was the very same magic used by the Earth Nuzakary, an ancient god like being, however he was a mortal god, meaning he could die. A fate Helena never wanted to happen to him, due to her relationship with him. Thurden's determination reminded her of the first Nuzakary, the Arcane Nuzakary, the leader of them all. His devotion to Shadiana and his people. Hopefully Thurden doesn't share the same fate as the Mortal God.

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