Re: Deals to a mean

Vampeer gave a smile at Nirick, "As you request, King Mantis." He gave a bow before straightening himself and walking out of the throne room. He stopped at the entrance, "I'll deal with the council my king." He left the room, unknown to Mantis was in the shadows, a pair of eyes with rage filled flames watched him. Vengeance wait for his order, so he could kill Mantis right there, but he had to wait, Lucien would give him his orders, and right now he had to watch.
Greymane gave a nod, "Once the black wolf is defeated, you will be freed from the curse, but if you want I can have it where you can change at will, after the Wolf is defeated of course." He smiled at her.
Lucien nodded, "Granted, when you want to return back as a demon is when you decide to die. From there you will no longer wish to be human. You have my word as a Lord of the Black Burning Hells."
He let a little flame scorched the ring, turning it black, the engravings glowed a light blue before becoming black again.

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