OOC -(Reopen) Days before the fall

OOC-(Letting people know that I'm trying to get this game back into action it is now open for new players. This post is to catch people up)

Ivar sat on his throne and thought about the old days. When he was young, before Vampeer, before the wars, before the Conquest. When he would pretend to be the hero as a child, when the grass of Unlia was green, and the sky was bright. However that all ended when Zoria's king lost his father, his wife and his unborn son. When Darien declared war on the Frozen Plains, and Ivar tried stopping him. This only lead to Darien attacking Unlia. Ivar lost his daughters, his son was close to death and his wife soon to die. That lead him to praying to any god who would answer. Vampeer answered his call and with that Unlua became what it is now, a kingdom of the undead. Nirick arrived as a servant and the Conquest of night began, the barbarians wage war against each other, Ivar assisting them in order to have him join in his new, no, their new empire.
Now rumors are that Darien has gone mad and his personal guard has betrayed him. The demons of the Black Burning Hells have picked their sides and Vampeer has picked his. The Conquest of Night has began, either leaders will join his empire or he will crush them, whatever it will take for peace, he might have become a monster, but if that's what it takes for peace, so be it.
Let it commence, for the glory of the new empire, The Empire of Night!

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