Lore-Birth of Thurzal

Thurzal, God of Plagues, Diseases, Pestilence, Famine, And Decay. The crow headed god that terrorizes the land. Thurzal however wasn't always a God, long ago, when the terrible Mortal Gods were banished to the Winter Realm and Utopia was built. Ombrakus, enraged with the peace and prosperity of the mortal creatures sent the first disease to disrupt the world. This disease was known as the Shadow Plague, and almost killed everyone, Ombrakus gathered the life force of those who died and imbued them with diseases and his godly power. Finding a crow that fed on the dead, Ombrakus imbued this animal with the new godly mantle, transforming it into the god it is now, into Thurzal. Ever since then, Thurzal has made many diseases and minions to spread those diseases, Ombrakus succeeded in disrupting the peace, however in the end he also created the perfect tool of destruction, the reason Thurzal now exist.

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