A new regime

Nirick had seen the throne room when they entered. Time to take Mantis there. He gave a whistle and his girl's brought the princesses along. Mantis strode in silence and when either princess seemed they'd speak, one of the girl's shushed them. In the throne room, the usual, few nobles stood, chatting about. Guards looked confused, not knowing what else to do than stay at their posts.

Mantis didn't say a word, just strolled directly to the throne. A nobleman tried to approach him and stop him. His words were cut short by Nirick's dagger thrust into his side. "Have this man's lands seized and turned over to the king! Bring his family here at once so they can either beg for mercy or be out to death!"

Someone had even placed Darien's crown on the throne. Mantis picked it up and a hush cast across the crowd. He turned, faced the crowd, and placed the crown on his head. "Long live the King!" Nirick declared. Silence.

Nirick looked back at his wives with a grin and in unison, the three chanted again, "LONG LIVE THE KING!!!" As soon as the three began to say it again, everyone joined in with them.

"Thank you, thank you, LORD Nirick," Mantis said, "please, as my first and most loyal advisor, take your rightful place in the seat for your position." The seat in question was occupied and the occupant fled. Malina drew and tossed a dagger right into his back.

"Feed him to the dogs," she said.

"And seize his lands for the new, Right Hand of the King!" Anna echoed.

"My people," Mantis began, "please do not let the actions of so few reflect on my new reign... I shall usher in a time of peace and prosperity like Zoria has never seen."

"Oh how gracious is the King, forever shall he reign," someone from the crowd shouted. And applause, forced and insincere, but applause erupted.

"And now, princesses... to show how benevolent I am... I shall release one of you, to be free to return to Unlia and renew your rule on those lands. You shall have whatever you need to see Unlia born again. And the other, well, you shall remain here as my wife..."

~ ~ ~

"Whatever it is you would have of me, I will do... The king of the north should decide how the mother of his heirs shall live," Brianne said, rubbing her belly.

~ ~ ~

Dothar took the ring and turned back towards Zoria. "I shall see it placed on the king's hand personally, then let me die..."

And he began to walk to Zoria.

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