When Devils are Born

Elizabeth knew exactly what to do, she grabbed her sister and whispered to her, "I'll stay here, you go back to our family. When the time comes, we will strike. Please, go home. He wishes for my body, but I promise he won't last long." Mary wanted to protest, but decided it was better not to do so. She gave a nod, Elizabeth walked before Mantis and bowed before him. "Take me as your wife, let my sister return. My brother will miss her dearly, and the so called "undead" will show they are nothing more then just men." She knew it would be better if Zoria believed there was no Undead threat. Mary stepped beside Nirick. Vampeer arrived, in his disguise. He bowed before Mantis, "My lord, how shall I be of service?" He smiled at Nirick.
Greymane took her hand, "It is a decision for you to make, I do not wish for you to live a life you don't want to live. Our children won't have a choice, but at least you can have a choice. I want you to be happy with the form, with your fate. You can decide how you shall live." He kissed her lightly, "Just tell me how you wish to live."
Vengeance slaughtered the guards that dare inprison his father, giving Dothar a clear path. Appearing beside the demon, "I'll put you to rest, your family waits for you." Darien got up, painicked. "WHOSE THERE!? Are you the traitors!? Have you come to finish me!?" Vengeance sighed, "Ready Dothar?" He looked at the demon.

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