So soon?

Mantis was clueless and his hunger for power was growing. He knew Elizabeth would be more dangerous but he yearned for her more than the younger. When he saw his new ally, he was surprised but very pleased. "Sire, I assume if you are here you have completed the task I gave to you?" Vampeer only nodded. "Most excellent! Then one more and then you shall return and be my Left Hand. Go now, see Princess Mary safely returned to her home. Take all the men you think you need and a caravan of goods to the people of Unlia along with four, no FIVE wagons of gold - a dowry for a princess who shall become a queen!"

He descended the stairs and waved them off. "So... you didn't protest... I would have allowed it," he said caressing her cheek. "I will make you the grandest queen this realm has ever known and our children and theirs will rule for a millennia!" He took her hand in his. "Today is a day to celebrate! Call all the subjects of the city! They need to meet their new King and future Queen!"

~ ~ ~

"With you, as you are, forever," Brianne said and embraced him tightly. "So please, make it so we can raise our pack together."

~ ~ ~

Dothar stepped into the light. "No, Iron King... I have come to give you the means to not only take back your throne, but to rule eternally. This magic ring will make it so," and he knelt before the king to place it on his hand should he desire it.

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