Shadows that Grow

Vampire did as he was told, only taking a few men, enough to drive the wagons to Unlia. When they were out of sight, he transported them right infront of Unlia, the men panicked, only to be swarmed by the undead, Vampeer smiled. "The King and Queen of Unlia will thank this gift." Mary clutched onto Vampeer in fear, he put a hand on her shoulder, "They will not harm you, now let's take you home and tell the news to your father. " He turned back to the undead, "Put that in the vaults." They did as they were told, Mary watched as the handsome man beside her transformed into the fearsome bat-faced god everyone knew. Mary was then in the throne room, Vampeer lightly pushed her forward. Mary walked up the dark throne where she noticed glowing blue eyes staring at her, her father got from his throne and embraced her. "I thought I lost you." Mary hugged her father back, "So did I." Cain and Emily soon arrived and joined the reunion. Cain however noticed something missing, "Where is Elizabeth?" Vampeer's face twisted up in rage, "Darien had been overthrown, Mantis took over, and became obsessed with Elizabeth, she is to he his wife. She stayed behind and lied to them, making them believe that there are no undead, and that Cain is the only King." Cain understood, "What shall we do?" Vampeer grinned, "Let Mantis face the wrath of his consequences, let his peopld face the wrath of the Empire of Night."
Elizabeth put her hand on Mantis's hand when he touched her cheek, "That will be wonderful my lord." She looked at Nirick, "I believe I should change." She turned back to Mantis, "Do you have anything for me to wear, I'm your queen now, and I look like a princess. Don't you agree my lord?" She smiled at Mantis, when the wedding came, there would be many to visit.
Greymane kissed her forehead, "In that case, Ivar has invited out people to join his Empire of Night, and after everything he has done, I believe we should." He looked outside to see the enraged Black Wolf, imprisoned in a dark cage. "I'LL KILL YOU!" He roared in rage. Greymane walked forward, the Unlia soldiers guarding it. "Black Wolf, my father. The tribes of these lands have decided that a beast like you has no place to rule, give my beloved the freedom to change, or suffer the wrath of the new Empire of Night." The Wolf snarled, however the spears being stabbed into his side made him reconsider. "FINE! I REALISE YOU OF YOUR CURSE, YOU MAY HAVE YOUR HUMAN FORMS ONCE AGAIN!" He let out a deep howl, freeing Brianne and her people from his curse, allowing them to change back to their human selves but keeping fheir ability to change. Greymane smiled at Brianne before looking back at his father, "Send him in the prisons of Unlia, like the beast he is!" The Black Wolf snarled and roared in rage as he was taken away, Greymane put his hand to Brianne, "We have people waiting for us."
Darien took the ring and looked over it, "To reclaim everything? I can protect my people, forever...." He slowly put the ring on his finger. Once it was on, he bursted into flames, Dothar's demonhood stripped from him, he watched as everything about him was changed back to what it once was, he was human agian, Darien however screamed in pain as molten metal poured all over him, metal flying into him, Vengeance put a hand on Dothar, "When you are ready."

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