Orders seen through

Mantis called for the finest dressmakers to arrive at once and see the new Queen fitted with the very best in all the land. He made Malina and Anna be her sworn guards as women who could be closest to her and the queen retain her decency. Once Elizabeth was gone, Mantis clasped Nirick in a hug and hailed him to the others as his right arm. All the nobles in the room cheered, seeing it as the way to stay alive.

Hours later, Elizabeth had been measured and would soon have the best of the best of all the gowns in the kingdom. Anna and Malina knew the plan without being told and would severe the hand of the king himself if he tried to touch her again. Nirick busied himself sending orders out across the land - ones that would on their own seem like nothing but seen as a whole were meant to further weaken Zoria.

A grand event was called and the storehouses emptied. All in Zoria would eat and drink their fill. Nobles were aghast at the waste but quickly found it was their storehouses that were emptied and not the king's. Anyone who disputed the act was removed from their post, publicly and cast into the gutter.

Nirick took special interest in all the lower class of Zoria, horrified at how Darien had treated halflings, gnomes and dwarfs. Soon, the city had new nobles and leaders, all of whom hailed from such previously minor races. And all the while, Mantis sat on his throne brooding, seething with desire and lust for his bride to be.

~ ~ ~

Brianne smiled and followed Greymane on. "Who is waiting for us, my King of the North?"

~ ~ ~

Dothar had a sad sort of smile on his face. "I am ready for the end... finally," he said and he turned and followed Vengance.

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