And all the King's Men

Elizabeth moaned as she was harrassed by Mantis, she hated every moment of this, she hated how she lost her family, how the good king was cursed, and how this mad man became king. She couldn't take anymore, she pulled out her knife and stabbed Mantis in the side and shoved him off. She looked at him furiously, but her face became horrified when she realized what she did, and the fact she didn't kill him.
She started shaking in fear, however a voice spoke that calmed her. "You dare touch her like that, my daughter?" She noticed as a swarm of bats flew inside, there were so many that they blew the fires out, casting darkness, Vampeer gave the order, "Do it now Nirick!" The bats came down forming into people. Soon Ivar, his wife, his son, and his orher daughter stood around Elizabeth, enraged. Armoured men surrounded the nobles of the part, all of them with glowing red eyes. Ivar snarled, "You'll pay for this Ivar."
Greymane, Brianne, and the Barbians easily tore apart any resistance, soon many people hid in their homes with fear. The magic users dealt with the elite guard like they were nothing, but the Iron Knights themselves began to disappear, like something was pulling them to the mountain behind Castle Zoria. Everything was about to go dark.
Shadiana sighed, "See, he wants rest." Sunrus spoke up, "But he does not know the situation or the offer." Ombrakus let out a laugh, "So it's simple mortal, the world is going to be consumed in darkness, and a war is coming. We need someone to help the mortals, so the offer is simple, you go back, with a clean plate no memories of your past and be reborn, you help the mortals when the time comes, or you pass on." The other gods nodded in agreement. Illumina spoke, "It's your choice Dothar."

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