War approaches but you already knew that

"Our good king has decimated Unlia and you know as well as I there is a darkness growing there. A day or so hard ride from here is a caravan," he said with a whisper leaning in, "one carrying the crown princesses of Unlia. Daughters of a fallen kingdom Darien intends to wed off in hopes to mend the rift created. And his eyes look beyond Unlia, and now to the North, which deals with its own shade of darkness."

Mantis took a swig of ale, his thoughts drifting to the maiden Thurnden spoke of... Flora was her name... or was it Fauna... there'd been twins and one was the epitome of her name - vibrant and lively - while the other was more akin to toil and strife. He'd been so busy at the capital he'd almost forgotten them. Enough now to forget which had stolen his heart that night three season's past...

He shook himself from the memory and took a hard bite of his bread, to bind his own tongue so his friend would have to speak.

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