Strange child

Ivar and his son walked into the the town, Nirick stood proudly with the soldiers. Ivar gave a wave of his hand and the undead began feeding on the dead. Vampeer had the dark clouds of Unlia spread over the town, consuming it with the same darkness over Unlia. Ivar walked over to the woman and children, "Your soldiers are dead, you are no longer citzens of Zoria, you are now people of Unlia, understand?" He spoke to them calmly, the people fearfully nodded at his question, agreeing that he was their King now. All expect one.
A young child ran at Ivar with a knife and stabbed him in the leg with agression. A woman cried out, "Salvin!", she attempted to grab her child, however the other villagers held her back.
The child continued screaming, "MONSTER, KILLED PAPA, DIE!" Ivar looked down at the child and picked him up, he raised a brow at what the child was wearing. He had a blanket wrapped around his head, covering his hair, and his eyes were blocked by dark glasses. Ivar simply removed the child's covers to reveal that the child had bright blue eyes with reptilian pupils and two budding horns at the side of his head. The child continued attempting to attack the Vampire, Ivar looked at the child in confusion. "What sort of creature are you?" One of the villagers spoke, "He is a demon spawn, this woman was violated by a demon and gave birth to him." The woman was crying as the villagers held her down trying to calm her. "A demon spawn? Hmm now we can't call you that, Cambion. That's what we will call your kind." The child stopped trying to attack him and looked at him with confusion, he barred his fangs at the child, in which the child hissed back. Ivar began laughing, "Full of fire little one, aren't you? You intrest me, men bring the mother with us, fifty of you stay her, this village is under our guard, everyone else, let's head back." Ivar lightly smacked the child and knocked him out, the Unlia guards grabbed the mother. "Let's move!"

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