Not drunk enough

[i]"Fifty years ago before I was in the position I hold now, that would have been my plan. Now, having a new view on life, I mean something wholly different," Mantis replied. He took a deep breath, leaned in, knowing the next statement could be construed as treasonous. "The Coldston line has wrought death on the land. People are starving and subjugated. We should be seeing to the needs of the people anywhere they are, even if they are a different races, religions, or creeds."

"I'm not sure either," Mantis said whispering even lower, "that a monarchy is ideal. I've heard tales of lands far away where people elect their leaders. I think we should transition to something like that or to something more like a federation of states under an emperor."[/I]

The cleric lifter two fingers and point at the tankers then said, “Fifty years ago, we would have ridden into the gates of hell, just to say we did it!” He finished his tankard and set it down.

He leaned back a little as he picked up some bread.
“So.... “ he asked baiting the question. “There is something you need me to do?” He asked. It was obvious because Mantis would not have ridden out here to tell him of the caravan. Or he was missing something important. “We could muster a small fighting force,” he said. The key on the small part. “We could head to court,” he said hoping this wasn’t the case. He had letters requesting his presence. But since the church became embroiled in Kingdom politics, Thurnden preferred to be an outside analyst. His title and position along with his family of origin made that all but impossible. “”Maybe some magic weapons, or armor....,” he said trailing off.

He watched the other man’s smile.

“You know I hate leaving my lab and going there,” he said. “If I come, you need to provide me with lab space,” he said.

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