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Summary: The Undaunted

Yekus Ullia

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Captain

Character's Short Name

Pronounced as :Yòk


He is a brutal tactician who is known for using fear as a weapon. While some captains would want to use ranged weapons, he prefers to use blades and melee weapons instead. He is physically stronger and faster then normal men, as well as larger than normal people. Howeverit is more due to his physical build. He isn't super human, but his strength is impressive. He could break someone's wrist with his grip if he tried hard enough.


The Undaunted
The Dragon of the Red Sands

Physical Appearance

He stands at an imposing height of 6'8, with a very large and muscular build. He weighs over 230 pounds. He has thick ebony skin, yellow eyes and sharp pointed teeth, which he files down. He wears bull like horns to give himself a demonic look, in which many people believe that he was born with them, but in reality he just had them surgically implanted into his skull.

Personality and interests

Yekus is one of the many faction leaders of a group known as the Beast of the Sands. He commands Serpents of the Red Sands. He is an aggressor, using fear against his enemies. Imposing man, he seems to have an aura of fear around him. However he is one of honor, believing that a true warrior's death is in combat. He shows respect to those he deems worthy of it, other than that he is extremely rude to those he feels don't deserve it. He likes to host feast after victories in battle.


Yekus comes from an outsider group known as the Beast of the Sands. Orginally the Beast were a small group of "Barbarians" however they grew in numbers and became a major threat to the sultans. Legend has it that the beast are descendants of an army of demon, monster and human hybrids that were once the greatest force for the Sultans before they were hunted down for their heritage.
The Beast of the Sands now work to bring down the Sultans as well as the great Empire so that they can rebuild the world as they deem fit.
Yekus lived most if his life in the deserts while in hiding, he never met his father and his mother was very protective of him. He lived in a small village hidden in the sands, however when he was eight years old, one of the Sultan's forces found the village and began to exterminate the people, saying that they were "Tafrukh Shaytan". His mother died protecting him, he was later found by the Beastvif the Sands who would train him and raise him to he one of the most feared warriors.
When he was fifteen he became one of the second in command of one of the Factions of the Beast. When he was seventeen he created the Serpents of the Red Sands. He would be infamous for his tactics a year later. The Serpents became well known as one of the most brutal of all the Factions in Beast of the Sands.
He now leads his faction to attack Sultanian properties.

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Image of Yekus Ullia
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