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Summary: A super fast kid with no ambition

Peter Maxihog aka Quick Silver

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Heroes

Animal Race

Quick Silver


Mooch: He still lives with his single mother and his little sister and has no real ambition.

Powers/Skills, Technology

A mutant with the ability to think and move at superhuman speeds, and has enhanced agility and reflexes. He is able to run beyond speed of light, accomplishes feats such as creating cyclones out of pure speed, running up walls and above bodies of water. He can also create a field around his body to negate impact with air and small objects in his path from piercing through him. He wears goggles to protect his eyes and listens to music on his headphones while in super speed mode.

Speed Physiology: Peter's body is adapted toward the rigors of high-speed running. His cardiovascular and respiratory systems are many times more efficient than those of a normal human being’s. He metabolizes an estimated 95% of the caloric energy content of foodstuffs (normal human use is about 25%). The chemical processes of Quicksilver's musculature are so highly enhanced that his body does not generate fatigue poisons, the normal by-products of locomotion, which force the body to rest. Rather, his body constantly expels waste products during his accelerated respiration through exhalation. His joints are smoother and lubricated more efficiently than those of a normal human being. His tendons have the tensile strength of spring steel. His bones contain unknown materials significantly more durable than calcium to withstand the dynamic shocks of his feet touching the ground at speeds a human could never achieve or withstand. Quicksilver's practical reaction time is several times faster than a normal human's and the speed at which his brain processes information is heightened to a level commensurate with his bodily speed, enabling him to perceive his surroundings while traveling at high velocities. Quicksilver's lachrymose is more viscous than normal, thus preventing rapid evaporation and replenishment of surface fluids on his eyeballs under the influence of high wind velocity to occlude his vision.

Superhuman Speed: He was originally capable of running faster than the speed of sound (770 miles per hour). He had sufficient energy reserves that enabled him to run at this average speed for an unknown amount of hours before reducing his speed to replenish his body's store of energy. Quicksilver has used his powers of acceleration for various feats. He has plucked an arrow out of the air from a standing start, and has dodged machine gun fire. He has created cyclone-like gusts of wind, which are able to knock a man off his feet. He is able to run across the Atlantic Ocean and to overseas continents without having to stop, run up the sides of buildings effortlessly, and also seems able to use some type of energy, comparing it to "his father's power". He is currently capable of reaching high supersonic speeds up to at least Mach 4 (3,080 miles per hour), and he can probably run faster. He one time traveled the planet faster than radio waves. Quicksilver is also immune to the effects of friction such as reduced oxygen up to a point where a human can no longer breathe and impact upon his body while moving at super-speeds. He has traveled around the world by running on top of the ocean water and even ran all the way up Mount Everest without slowing down and went flying above cloud level as a result. Now is faster than light.

Molecular Destabilization: Through the course of his life as a mutant, his super speed has granted him numerous abilities. One of the very peculiar ones was being able to vibrate his molecular structure at high speeds. He has demonstrated the full effect which enables him to destabilize atomic matter by accelerating its molecules often causing it to fall apart or explode usually by touching it.

Superhuman Stamina/Endurance: Quicksilver can run and fight for a long period of time than an average human.

Enhanced Strength: Peter possesses superhuman strength primarily in his lower body as part of his body's adaptations for running. With his upper body he can lift (press) approximately 1000 pounds while his legs can press approximately 1 ton under optimal conditions.

Enhanced Durability: He is capable of resisting tremendous impact forces that could easily crush and kill a human without suffering any internal injuries.

Quick Intellect: Peter is able to think at great speeds, contrary to his impulsiveness.

Skilled Combatant: He has been trained in martial arts and other forms of combat by Captain America making him a great fighter.


He needs to eat a lot of food regularly to use his powers.

Physical Appearance

He looks like a Silver humanoid Hedgehog.
Eyes: Yellow
Fur: Silver
Height: 3 ft
Wears a black super suit with blue reflective trim that glows

Personality and Interests

He is a snarky kid who gets bored easily and eats a lot. he loves his mom and little sister, but prefers to take the easy path instead of the hard one. To save money for his single mom he has been known to steal a shipment of Twinkies and stash them in his room along with anything else he fancies.


Peter grew up with his single mother in an odd way. He never knew his father and and felt disconnected from the real world. As he grew older he realized he could move faster than other kids and became curious about his skills. He trained in secret at a train yard near school and got faster over a short period of time. Of course He also realized he got hungry after using his super speed. Since he was poor he often had to steal food with his super speed since his mom could not afford it. Eventually his mom married his step father and he had a little sister later on. Though he was not fond of the step father he did love his little sister. Sadly he died in a train wreck on a business trip and his mother was alone raising two kids now. So Peter did his best to not cost her any extra money and stress. He used his super speed to coast through his classes, usually by cheating or studying very fast. Since his speed was a secret he did not accel in sports. Since he was not college material he helped raise his little sister.

Favourite Sayings

You wanted me to get out of the house more, right?

Mine too. I mean, I still live in my mom's basement, but pfft. Everything else is, uh... well, it's pretty much the same. I'm a total loser.

You know, for a guy who's just fast as me, I always seem to be too late.

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