First Things in order

Captain Mulligan had not even been captain for a day. Yet he had already managed to encounter a anomaly. he decided to put Starfleet though he knew he couldn't handle this alone. "Captain David Mulligan of the Gladiator." He announced. " Admiral Robert April What exactly happened?" April asked.

"Well we were trying to pinpoint a mysterious distress call. Of course that was authorized by Star Fleet, That being said we were kind of caught of guard by some enemy ship. Partially destroyed the bridge." He explained.

-/ "Did you get a glance at the ship? Any information you have on it will help" April had decided to ask "No it came to fast we tried to pinpoint it but it came from midair, I would assume Klingons because it was cloaked. As I said it though was hard to pinpoint a specific vessel judging by speed" Okay thank you captain the way I see it is we have to keep our resources open. Right now I doubt we could even find out anyway. With two damaged ships with extensive damage. we need to focus our top priories right now. Which is getting you two to the nearest starbase. Were there any casualties?" the admiral said trying to analyze the situation.

"Well we have counted at least 10 sir, As well as damage that may be beyond repair. Engineering has tried. Mulligan explained "Great first the Enterprise now this?" The April told himself. April was now in a state of thought. Or rather appeared to be. After a long prolonged pause he said "All right captain I realize your ship is at its last end ,It was old to began with. We thought she had one more mission left. Judging off her historical status. We were obviously wrong. Use what power you have left to contact Captain Kruger. Since you two are in the same sector you will need to stick together. Get on either ship then wait for help. Captain Hikartu Sulu of the Excelsior will transport you to Star base 66. We will continue there." The admiral explained.

Mulligan quickly ran to open the nearby hailing frequency. "U.S.S Samurai to U.S.S Crusher. Permission to beam aboard?"

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