"It's the USS Gladiator. ...Looks pretty beat up. I'm reading multiple hull breaches," Miki said, leaning close to her display pannel.

Her long black hair came undone and fell in her face. With a little huff, she blew it out of the way.

"Heck, even the bridge is half destroyed," she concluded.

"Almost seems a shame to vaporize 'em when it's barely hold'n together as it is," Gunner piped in from the lead weapons station.

Just then, the comms station bleeped. A crewmen shuffled over to it and tapped out a couple commands.

"We're getting a message through subspace, Cap'n," he reported.

Krueger lifted an eyebrow. This was unusual. After all, whoever was calling would have to know the Righteous Indignation's exact location.

"Put it through," he ordered.

The floating star scape that occupied the main view screen flickered away and was replaced by a sharply dressed Star Fleet admiral.

"Admiral Robert April, I should have guessed you'd be keeping tabs," Krueger scowled.

"What do you expect when one of my captains goes rogue?" April said, matter-of-factly.

Krueger gritted his teeth, "What do you want?"

"As I'm sure you've noticed, there's a heavily damaged Star Fleet vessel headed your way. It's Captain is a man named David Mulligan. I want you to assist him in any way you can," April said.

"I left Star Fleet, remember?" Krueger snarled.

"Perhaps, but I spared your life. Remember?" April replied, a sudden and unnerving sharpness to his voice.

"Bastard...," Krueger said under his breath. "Fine! But this makes us even, understood!"

"For now," April said, before severing the comm link.

"You're not serious, Cap'n?" Gretch bellowed, her Klingon blood boiling over as she stormed across the bridge.

"A debt is a debt!" Krueger replied, rising to meet her onslaught.

"Debt? We're pirates, not Ferengi traders! Gunner, blast that ship!" she spat in his face.

In the fraction of a second that she looked away, Krueger sucker punched her square in the face. She staggered back, and he followed with an uppercut that sent his second in command sprawling. In an instant, he'd flipped her over and pinned her down with a knee in the center of her back and an arm forced painfully out of place between her scapula. She grunted, but refused to cry out in pain.

"A debt is a debt. To do otherwise would be to disregard honor," Krueger whispered into her ear.

"Very well then. For honor," she winced back.

Krueger immediately released her and stood up. He offered her a hand, but she refused it and drug herself to her feet on her own.

"Cap'n, the Gladiator's come out of warp and is hailing us," the crewmen at comms said, almost apologetically.

Krueger let out a long sigh, "Very well. Put it through."

The crewmen punched a couple buttons and again the star scape was replaced by the visage of a Star Fleet officer. Krueger adjusted his tri-corner hat and addressed the man.

"Captain Mulligan, I presume..."

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