Indeed I am not

"Yes I am captain Mulligan,April told you to help me huh?" Mulligan asked

"Against my better judgment yes" Kruger replied. "Well to what its worth thank you" Mulligan replied.

Kruger had decided that he might as well treat this captain with some dignity. He was now showing him to where he would be staying. "I'm fred Kruger" he said "ah yes I've heard of you famous pirate" Mulligan replied.

Mulligan quickly unpacked whatever he had grabbed before the ships explosion. Then he checked in with what was left of his crew. They had been safely beamed down to a nearby planet.

"We need to get you back to earth or April's going to have my ass" Kruger replied. In a angry tone. "April can screw himself" Mulligan shockingly pronounced.
"I think we should try again on my mission,fuck April's orders."

"Sorry but I'm not interested in Starfleet affairs anymore" "oh but you will be for this one" Mulligan announced "I found a wormhole not far from here. I almost got through it. Then I was attacked"

"I don't care about a damn wormhole" Kruger replied

The two continued their heated discussion a bit more. Then Mulligan said "Johnathan Archer may be on the other side of that wormhole" Kruger was now intrigued.

"Were going to need a better ship. Hell your going to need a better ship,I think I can get you one"

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