A buccaneer and a straight lace: Time for a joint venture!

"Yes, I am captain Mulligan. April told you to help me huh?" Mulligan asked.

"Against my better judgment, yes," Kruger replied.

"Well for what its worth, thank you," Mulligan replied.

Kruger had decided that he might as well treat this captain with *some* dignity. He was now showing him to where he would be staying.

The corridors of the Righteous Indignation were long and winding, poorly lit, and often strewn with ill gotten gains that simply had no better place to be stored. Once upon a time, placards were affixed to the walls at intersections to aid with navigating the massive space hulk. However over the years many had rusted and fallen off, never to be replaced. New crewmen and even seasoned veterans occasionally got turned around or lost.

"I'm Fred Kreuger," he said.

"Ah yes! I've heard of you. Famous pirate," Mulligan replied.

'Famous?' Krueger pondered within his own head.

Once Mulligan and his remaining crew had had a chance to settle into the ship's admittedly second (or rather third) class accommodations, Krueger tracked the aloof captain back down.

"We need to get you back to Earth or April's going to have my ass," Kruger said angrily.

The notion of leaving StarFleet and yet still being under his former admiral's thumb was infuriating.

"April can screw himself" Mulligan said.

Krueger was somewhat taken aback. To hear a whity-tighty StarFleet captain speaking in such a vulgar manner was unheard of.

"I think we should try again on my mission. Fuck April's orders," Mulligan continued.

"Sorry, but I'm not interested in StarFleet affairs anymore," Krueger replied, dismissively.

"Oh, but you will be for this one," Mulligan announced. "I found a wormhole not far from here. I almost got through it. Then I was attacked."

"I don't care about a damn wormhole!" Kruger replied.

The heated discussion continued until Mulligan finally said, "Johnathan Archer may be on the other side of that wormhole."

Hmmm... In spite of himself, Kruger was intrigued.

"We're going to need a better ship. Hell, your going to need a better ship. I think I can get you one," Krueger replied, nodding to a display screen that the ship's AI had thoughtfully populated with data.

Across the top of the display was the star port view of an Excelsior class ship. Not the newest and truest, but at least a decade newer than the Gladiator had been before its untimely demise.

"This is the Hexapuma, formerly the USS Hasselhoff. But you can call it whatever the hell you want once it's ours. It was captured six months ago by a pirate named Jack Sparrow, when it's captain unwittingly took him and his men aboard as 'refugees'. As far as I know, he killed the entire crew," Krueger explained.

"A pirate turning on another pirate?" Mulligan asked.

"There might be honor amongst thieves, but not pirate captains," Krueger said.

"Besides, that swine owes me four barrels of blood wine!" Gretch declared, approaching the two captains.

Her left cheek was scarred and she seemed to carry a permanent scowl wherever she went. But one could not deny that she was an attractive woman... if one were attracted to Klingons, that is. Krueger was not. He'd bedded the warrior woman a few times but mainly out of mutual boredom. There were no romantic or even friendly feelings shared between the two.

"I warned you not to play poker with him. He never pays his debts," Krueger said, packing tobacco into an ornately detailed pipe and slipping it between his lips.

"You disgust me, human," she said, wrinkling her nose as smoke from Krueger's pipe wafted in her direction.

"I have seen the inside of your quarters before," Krueger rebutted. "The collection of skulls is particularly offputting."

Gretch scoffed and left, mumbling some intangible Klingon insult under her breath.

"Fucking Klingons... Anyway, I would be willing to commit my ship, but your men would have to do the boarding action. In exchange, I get a percentage of whatever that scoundrel has in his cargo hold. Deal?" Krueger said, thrusting a gloved hand out for Mulligan to shake.

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