Image of Vok Zon

Summary: The greatest tactician for ROX

Vok Zon

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Gender: Male

Age: 47

Group: ROX


He is an excellent tactician, knowing every way to handle a situation. He has any technology on himself and ready for use.


Agent Vok
Class S

Physical Appearance

Under the suit he wears. His face has horrible scarring, he is also missing his limbs. His eyes and throat have been replaced with machinery. He is 6'3 in height and 200 pounds in weight.

Personality and interests

He is very serious about everything he does. He doesn't like joking around and is very humorless.


Vok was once a great tactician who was known for taking down many criminal organizations. However during a mission to take down ARC he suffered heavy casualties. ROX Enforcers found him and brought him to medical attention. He recovered and became the tactician for the Enforcers.

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