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Summary: A hated hero

Winston Ivan

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Gender: Male

Age: 39

Group: Guardians


Super strength, flight, Lazer vision, and super durability.
He also uses highly advanced technology that allows him to freeze things or create foam, or even send robots to repair or save civilians.
He uses radiance magic, powers of the sun to either burn or blind his opponents



Physical Appearance

He is a handsome man with black hair and dark eyes. He has an athletic build, with the height of 6'1 and a weight of 180 pounds

Personality and interests

He is selfless, caring, and confident. He only wants to protect people and put criminals in prison to be punished. He is hated and seen as a pretender, even though he is more of a hero then most.


Winston came from a rich line of scientists. When he was a child he would fantasize saving people while he built his own robots. However one day when he was walking home, he was struck in the chest, he found himself with powers and the ability to use magic. He began saving people like a true hero. However he wasn't a big fan of ARC so he created his own superhero group called the Guardians. Now he leads the Guardians to protect world.

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Image of Winston Ivan
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