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Summary: A fallen hero killed by Mayhem.

Anton Slavik(Deceased)

Gender: Male

Age: 34(Dead)

Group: Deceased/Retired


Anton can mentally move any object within a mile of him, one inch. Just one inch. Less if he needs to, but no further. Now, that might not seem all that impressive, but... imagine if your trachea were to move just one inch to the side. How about a heart valve? It's bloody impressive now, isn't it? A punch, backed by a one-inch displacement at the end could be devastating. Given enough time, he could relocate tanks, hell even tanker ships! All, one inch at a time. Doing so also nullifies momentum in an already moving object, allowing him to effectively stop bullets with his mind- a feat which has lead many to conclude that he actually has a psychic shield.


Doctor Mind-Blast

Physical Appearance

Anton looks average in most respects. He's muscular, but no more so than an ordinary human could achieve, with dark brown hair and... the most magnificent mustache that any human being has ever laid eyes upon! Typically wears an iconic fedora and black mask.

Personality and interests

Anton is well read in many fields, all with the intent to turn what might be considered a meager power into something on par with the greatest of superheroes. A detailed understanding of human anatomy allows him to refine his attacks, and decide weather he kills or merely incapacitates his foes. Proficiency with engines and electronics allows him to pick between merely stalling a car out and creating a chain reaction to destroy it. All this knowledge has done very little to humble him. Rather, he's been known to walk with air of superiority.


At a young age, Anton turned to a life of crime with his power. Easily popping the most complicated locks with his mind, he made short work of quite a few priceless artifacts. But with age comes wisdom and the realization that he could do more for the world than just rob from the rich and give to himself. So he cleaned up his act, put a few degrees under his belt, and, of course became a superhero: Doctor Mind-Blast!

Anton deliberately keeps the true nature of his powers a secret. All his fellow super heroes see is him switching off lights from across the room, swatting bullets out of the air, and when needed severing arteries without so much as lifting a finger.

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Image of Anton Slavik(Deceased)
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