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Summary: A crude reptile

Metal Jaw-NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Villains


He is super strong and durable. He is an excellent swimmer. He has cybernetic parts hat he uses to crush things or shoot things up with his rifle arm. He has bullet resistant scales all over his body.


Maxwell Hamilton
Metal Jaw

Physical Appearance

He looks like a cybernetic crocodile man. His body is covered in scars, both of his arms have been replaced with cybernetic parts, his lower jaw has been replaced and part of his legs have been replaced with cybernetic parts.
He is very muscular and stands at a height of 8'2 and weighs 750 pounds of pure muscle.

Personality and interests

Metal jaw is very crude, and seen as a brute. He is actually very cunning, but his beastal savagery kinda hides it. He is known to be easily angered by those who mock him.


Maxwell just to be a normal kid, living a normal life. That was until ARC kidnapped and turned him into a lizard hybrid. After the experimentation he escaped and hide in the sewers where ARC sent their tangents to deal with him. He ended up very wounded, however Mayhem appeared and nursed him back to health. He then gave him cybernetic parts so he could continue living. Now he resides in the sewers stealing money and other chemicals to attempt to fix his new condition.

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