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Summary: Hell Raider

Jonathan York

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Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: Freelances


He is skilled in hand to hand combat, melee combat and dirty fighting.
Hellbent- He has been marked by a demon to be their servant. He is granted with cursed immortality, in which when he died, the mark burns and all his wounds are healed and he comes back to life.
He can also use the mark to transform his limbs into that which the demon can transform into. He can also cast demonic fireballs and imbued demonic power into objects he touches.


Hell Raider

Physical Appearance

He is a muscular man with white hair and blood red eyes. He wears bone like armor and a red scarf. On his left shoulder is a black mark in the shape of a horned pentagram.

Personality and interests

He is very sarcastic, making jokes while in combat. He likes to run his mouth which always ends with him getting pummeled. He isn't afraid to stand up for people or protect others.


Jonathan used to be a troublemaker as a kid, in which he became a thug for some lowly gangster club. However the same gangster club messed with Mayhem, who rewarded each of them by torturing them and killing them. Jonathan watched his mother and his best friend be murdered in front of him before Mayhem killed him. In death he met a demon named Tiekious, who gave him a second chance and turned him into a Hellbent. Jonathan would become Hell Raider and protect the streets in a violent way.

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Image of Jonathan York
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