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Summary: Spitfire

Charity Chandler

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Freelances


Flame Shield covers her body to protect her.

Flame Thrower: She can throw flames and/or fire balls.

Fly: Only when fire shield is lit.

Atomic Blast: When the threat becomes too much, she can heat up and send out a blast in a 150 feet radius. This is a risk for her. It will extinguish the flame and weaken her.



Physical Appearance

Red hair and fair skin.

Personality and interests

Charity is bouncy and hyperactive.


Growing up, Charity was often the brunt of bullies. In high school, she discovered her skills when a pack of bullies caused her to lash out in anger. Her anger was so hot, it immediately initiated the atomic blast, taking out the bullies and almost ending her own life. There were no witnesses to the event and Charity did recover in hospital.

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Image of Charity Chandler
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