Yonnie let out a small sigh, leisurely stretching as he stood from his chair amongst the panicking crowd.

"Well, this is not how I thought my day was gonna go."

The helmeted man rose, resting a hand in his jacket as he turned to the monstrous humanoids that were preparing to go wild on the civilians and reporters in the area. The supers were fast, strong, and assuming they didn't let their hate for Mayhem or this showman character, or their own twisted ideals and desires get in the way, they would be down to assist in seconds, but that wouldn't be nearly fast enough, there would still be casualties.

One of Mayhem's "Maddies" was charging forth, preparing to maul a civilian. It must have saw Yonnie quickening his pace, but must not have saw him as a threat. Raising a gnarly, decayed claw, it was almost upon the defense-less young man, and just then, Yonnie's booted foot stomped in between the two.

"Not today, dead-head." The Biker said with about as much urgency in his voice as a disgruntled father taking out the trash.

Drawing his revolver with unnatural speed and cocking the hammer back, Yonnie let loose two powerful rounds into the zombie's face, point-blank. The thing stumbled, it's undead body fighting the urge to shut down. Yonnie nodded, understanding that these things were no push-overs, and proceeded to walk forward with purpose, before shoving the barrel of his gun into the monsters mouth.

"This is the part where you fall down."


"Jesus, " Yonnie said with disgust, pulling out a napkin and cleaning off his weapon.

" saved me, I almost died-"

"Yada, yada, you just gonna stand there and let something else run up on you or are you gonna motor?"

The man nodded, before making off with his life. Yonnie cracked his neck, preparing for combat. His response time was significantly faster than the supers considering he was already in the crowd, and it was likely the villains hadn't banked on a gun-slinging vigilante chilling in the crowd. As much as Yonnie didn't exactly enjoy fighting alongside vain heroes, he wasn't going to let civilians die either. Alas, he was good at dealing with stress, and no matter how undesirable the situation got, he would never crack.

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