Supernatural Rodeo

As the other heroes jumped into action, it was becoming clear that Yonnie could surprisingly hold his own against these inhuman foes, after all, this was far from his first supernatural rodeo, and he disabled each enemy he came across with grace and efficiency, using his powerful pistol to end any of them that dared get close, and relying on his nearly unearthly battle sense to deftly dodge and evade as he reloaded. With a powerful bound he leaped up, covering about as much air as he was tall, and landed on the shoulders of one undead monster before drilling him twice in the top of his dome.

Landing with a roll as the unanimated carcass fell with a thud, Yonnie surveyed the area. Most of the civilians by now had scattered enough to either escape or be well in range of the supers. But as Yonnie was ready to start cleaning up, he heard what sounded like a yelp, a telltale sign of a civvie in danger. He turned, only to see a familiar-looking face, a young woman desperately swinging an undead arm at what looked like its equally undead owner. Bolting into action, Yonnie charged, reloading his revolver to full on the run, a maneuver that required years of training and mastery over the weapon. It was lucky that Yonnie stuck to his guns, quite literally, he had owned Double-Tap for several years now, and he knew her like the back of his cybernetic hand.

Yonnie dived forward, twisting his torso in midair, and with a kick from his rocket leg, slid between the Maddie's legs and skidded to a stop right under it. Looking down the barrel at the monster's chin, Yonnie cocked the hammer back squeezed the trigger, an exhilarating double-bang slamming the handle into his hand as he let loose two rounds. The first round pierced the Maddie's jaw, sending its head and several parts of his face whipping back, the second penetrated it's throat, pushing up into its skull, and flying freely out of the back of its head, and suffice it to say, the mess left very little to the imagination.


Yonnie tilted his head back, looking at the woman, "Everything's okay now little la-wait a minute,"

Realization hitting him like a Mack truck, Yonnie scrambled to his feet, standing in front of the girl and pointing a metallic finger.

"It's you! The hell are you doing here?" He asked with genuine confusion, and a tone resembling that of someone unexpectedly meeting an old friend at a party.

Yonnie's head whipped around as a Maddie rushed towards him, intending to slam him with a meaty right hook. Yonnie ducked, taking a few evasive steps, and raised his cybernetic arm. The limb snapped into place with machine-like efficiency, though it didn't move like that normally, no, something different was happening. The arm held there for a moment, fist balled as it braced like a robotic snake preparing to strike. And strike it did. With the speed of a gun's spring hammer, the accuracy of an automated turret, and the power of a hydraulic press, Yonnie's fist slammed into the Maddie's skull thrice, managing to perfectly find the front of its face with each strike. It was utterly inhuman to behold. Military, mercenary, and it made it perfectly clear that Yonnie's left arm was designed not to be a replacement appendage, but instead a deadly weapon.

"Well jeez, I uh-I hoped we'd meet again under more...desirable circumstances, but-" The Maddie stumbled as Yonnie spoke, but regained its balance quick and rushed in for more. Yonnie, refusing to evade again, raised his gun hand under where the Maddie's chin would soon be, and let loose two rounds just as the time was right. The monster buckled, its momentum sending it sliding to a stop a few feet past the mercenary.

Yonnie shrugged, "-but life sucks, and then ya die, amirite?"

Looking around, there seemed to be a lull in combat, and Yonnie seemed to rather appreciate this time and the company, folding his arms and tilting his helmeted head one way. When he spoke again, the smile that was likely on his face at the time was clearly audible.

"But, uh, what are you doing here? Or is this a meeting place for young delinquents and I just got lucky?"

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