Trigger Discipline

Yonnie clocked the new guy from a mile away, as a mercenary he was trained to always keep his wits about him, though admittedly, at the moment he wasn't exactly paying attention to the carnage behind him. The man, however, demanded his attention.

He was somewhere around 6 feet and a half of perfectly toned muscle, not too bulky but surely not scrawny either. Yonnie himself was above average height, but this man was on another level, literally. He walked with a calm, devil-may-care attitude as his long legged-stride carried him across the battlefield, like an angel banished to the human world. His blue hair shone with a healthy glint, unkempt yet somehow still gorgeous, and his eyes, don't even start, they had the gentleness of a fine steed but the restrained malice of a lion, all at once. A Maddie dared run up to him, and Yonnie already knew what would follow. When someone walks into a battle like that, you walk the other way. With his strong and capable arm, he swatted the poor undead fool, doing what looked like critical internal damage. The thing was on the ground foaming at the mouth seconds later. And then, he started coming Yonnie's way. The biker looked up at him as he walked past.

"Look alive cowboy, you can have your date later."

Yonnie was silent for a second as he passed, but finally spoke, "God DAMN he's hot!" he exclaimed, seemingly not at all concerned with who had heard him. Looking around, he noticed that the Maddies were, in fact, far from vanquished. But, he wasn't crazy, right? No, there weren't this many before, they were coming from...somewhere.

Yonnie thought about where their spawning grounds might be, but it was clear the immediate situation would need to be dealt with first, and what with the seemingly increasing numbers of Maddies, it was very much an as-much-help-as-possible situation as well, something Ariana's hellfire-themed friend seemed to have trouble grasping.

Looking back, the biker quickly whipped his head back as Ariana narrowly avoided putting a bullet in his helmet firing at a nearby Maddie. Having not realized, she turned to Yonnie, “We’ll get together later. For now, let’s clean up!”

Yonnie nodded, "Yep, but real quick, " Before reaching over and placing his hand over her gun, "Right, so first? Both hands on the gun at all times." Using his own revolver as a guide, he positioned his hands into a conventional grip, right hand on the handle and left hand below.

"Aim squarely down the barrel, you're actually not a bad shot though,"

Lastly, he gripped her right hand, gently prying her index from around the trigger of the gun, "And, finger straight, trigger discipline, right? Don't put your finger on the trigger unless you're sure you're ready to shoot, m'kay?"

With a flurry of his revolver, spinning it deftly around his finger almost as if to show her what she had to work up to, Yonnie snapped, a parting gesture, and turned back to the action.

The pretty guy had gone to work, using his own bare hands and seemingly considerable martial arts skills to break down his foes one by one, but of course, the superhuman strength helped loads too. Just another super, Yonnie thought, but this one wasn't all over the news like Blue Lantern and the others. And as far as he knew, this guy didn't have any connections to Arc. Maybe he was different.

Having walked back into the fray, Yonnie was once again back in harm's way, but it was where he was most comfortable. Charging a stray Maddie, Yonnie's cybernetic arm went to work, delivering three powerful but lightning-quick uppercut punches to the body, forcing the undead husk to double over. As he did, Yonnie placed the barrel of his gun on the Maddie's lowered head, and then cock, squeeze the trigger, you know the rest.

Yonnie flicked the cylinder out, reaching for the pocket he kept his rounds in, only to find air and leather.

"Shhhiiieet, I'm out..."

Yonnie looked toward the entrance, good the door's wide open. Yonnie tapped his helmet and all of a sudden the sound of a finely tuned engine could be heard in the distance. The sound got louder and louder as the engine revved, and Yonnie stared expectantly at the door. Within seconds, a chrome and crimson motorcycle came crashing in through the nearest window.

"Jesus Christ, I opened the door and everything!" Yonnie groaned, approaching the motorcycle. Hanging on the handle was a beige duffle bag, which the helmeted merc promptly reached his hand into. Shuffling around, he eventually pulled out a submachine gun, his beloved "Shit-Talk" Vector SMG.

"Now we're talking..." Yonnie said in a tone that made him sound a little too pleased. But little did any outsider know, the merc was complete. Loading his revolver back to full once more, Yonnie went to work filling Maddies with bullets from a distance, his revolver tucked comfortably inside the hidden holster that sat under his jacket. When a Maddie made attempt to attack from behind, Yonnie crouched tactically, narrowly missing the surprise swing. The Maddie prepared for a second strike, but he was far too slow and far too late. With a lighting fast whip of his cybernetic hand, Yonnie drew Double-Tap, cocked the hammer, and fired, tagging the flesh monster twice. When that didn't do it, Yonnie fired his SMG, riddling the Maddie with bullets until it stopped moving.

With a quick glance to his left, Yonnie leaped abnormally high like a startled cat, even letting out a rather embarrassing squeal to boot, though as he did so, Jonathan flew and skidded across the ground, his hellish armor scraping against it as he went. As far as Yonnie was concerned, the super was nothing more than a demon-themed projectile pinging around the room as he made several attempts to attack the Arc supers directly, resulting in being thrown about each time. Suffice it to say, the biker was kind of tired of watching the white-headed young man bounce around the room.

"Hey, brimstone-for-brains!" Yonnie called, hoping to get the super's attention as he finished off another Maddie with a quick draw of his revolver.

"Listen, you can get at the heroes all you want later, but right now a little help would be appreciated. How about we kill all the evil zombie guys and you settle your personal affairs after, huh?"

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