Time to go

Marcus With Spitfire on his shoulder says "you gotta be kidding me."
"That giant robot is about to light this place up" he adds.

He sets spitfire down hold the elevator he says. "Im going back cripes the things i do for a pair of pretty dames. He pulls his shotgun out of his back holster. And goes back around the corner into the room they were just in.

Meanwhile Inside Steam Sentinel
Pete was deciding how to deal with the zombies he knew if they escaped it would be a disaster but he didn't want to destroy the building.

A zombie jumps towards the mech who instantly goes backwards in the air, and the zombie takes the express elevator all the way down to the street SPLAT

Screw it Pete says he raises his Mini gun mounted arm to prepare to fire when he sees a guy running back into room.

"What is he up too," Pete wonders as he slips past the zombies who are more focused on him than anything else.


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